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Foundation Skills Videos

Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council

What the client wanted

Precision Consultancy worked with CSHISC to develop a series of short video clips on how to implement components of the Foundation Skills Training Package into vocational training.

This project was funded by the Commonwealth through the Department of Industry.


What we did

We explored the aims of the videos with the client and came up with a number of topics to cover the key information that trainers and industry representatives were looking for, about foundation skills. Then we set about writing scripts and having the scripts converted to a video format, where the information can be easily accessed.


The result

A suite of nine informative videos have been developed. The videos can be located on the CSHISC youtube or vimeo channels. The best sequence to view the videos is as follows:

  1. How to locate Foundation Skills in a unit of competency – http://youtu.be/1j6fWumTg2c
  2. Linking ACSF mapping information to teaching Foundation Skills – http://youtu.be/AO6F3ewO8ww
  3. Making the link between the foundation skills requirements of a unit and a learner’s skill level – http://youtu.be/oDNFIRBKFtM
  4. How to contextualise a vocational qualification to include units from the Foundation Skills Training Package – http://youtu.be/DCzp4aaFwq0
  5. Strategies for trainers to use to develop foundation skills in a vocational training program – http://youtu.be/Vp7iK5I2ZFk
  6. Helping workers to work efficiently – http://youtu.be/VQ2Y2t0JI0Q
  7. How to interpret units and assessment requirements for quality training and assessment (Tutorial on using the new design model qualifications) – http://youtu.be/us03Clwp4v4
  8. Incorporating components of the Foundation Skills Training Package into training for Community Services and Health – to be uploaded soon
  9. Companion volumes for the Community Services and Health Training Packages (Using Companion Volumes) – http://youtu.be/zwV4WMuXQJE

As well as being available for users to watch at any time, these videos have been used for various workshops to support Australia-wide training on the implementation of Foundation Skills Training Package, and to explain recent changes to training packages (including the new CHC and HLT Training Packages).